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Q: When is the cut off for ordering A: Friday Afternoon by 5pm Q: How long will my meals stay fresh A: Of stored properly meals will last 5-7 days Q:Do you offer discounts A: If purchasing packages in bundles. I offer them on a case by case basis, please don’t ask

Q: I’m food allergies? What now? A: We pride ourselves on cleanliness and anti-cross contamination. However, food is prepared in a common kitchen and you should use your best judgement if you have SEVERE allergies as food may contain traces of egg, wheat, soy etc Q: Can i change my delivery address A: 24 hours before delivery, changes can be made, not the day of delivery. We map out our routes 24 hours before delivery Q: Can i purchase just 5 meals A: No the minimum order total is 10 meals unless a deal is advertised Q: How can i place my order and what methods of payment do you accept A: You can order off our site or email your orders and we will invoice you. Payments can be made via Venmo or Zelle Q: Can you freeze meal prep A: I typically keep 5-6 meals out and freeze the rest if i don’t plan on eating them within 7 days. Freezing your meals will ensure that they remain fresh for a longer period of time. On the night before consumption, move your meals from the freezer to refrigerator for thawing, then the next day reheat them in the microwave Q: Where do you deliver to A: All over the Bay Area, prices start from $15-$50. e-mail us for a price quote Q: Is pick up available A: No we share a common commercial kitchen that we rent so delivery is the only option Q: What is the Chefs Choice A: Chefs Choice is a collection of chefs most requested and best dishes. This changes weekly Q: What do you season your food with A: Herbs, Spices, Ms.Dash, Flavor God and several salt free seasonings Q: Will every meal be the same A: No you may only have two of the same meals in one week Q: Why should i pay a Meal Prep service A: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Your days are packed full with meetings, school drop-offs and pick-ups, workouts and much, much more. We prep for your busy days. Giving you the proper nutrition throughout your day. This is why meal prep is so important, and why it can make such an impact in your daily life. Packaging your healthy meals and snacks ahead of time means that you can focus all your attention on the tasks at hand instead of wondering when you’ll have time to grab a bite to eat. Give yourself easy access to healthy snacks throughout your day. Eliminate the fast-food trips. Save time and money. Achieve your health goals Q: is there a late ordering fee and can you waive that fee A: No. anything ordered after Friday at 5 pm will still be considered with a $30 late fee Q: What time will my delivery arrive? A: We do not guarantee a specific time, we give a window, and a courtesy call an hour before we are set to arrive. We make our deliveries early in the day Q: Can i call you to ask questions A: Please e-mail us someone will reply after. We are extremely busy  

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